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Re: Trimatic

by EH Axiomatic » Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:45 am

The tailshaft used for a trimatic conversion is the same as the Hydramatic.
You can measure yours to see what you have or get.
Measure from centre to centre of the front and rear tailshaft yokes ("eyes")
The Hydramatic specs are 51.30-51.36 inches (1303 mm)
The EH manual specs are 52.20- 52.26 inches (1326 mm)
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Re: Trimatic

by Rob » Sun Mar 29, 2015 10:35 am

Ok , if i measure the tail shaft it is approx 1330 mm .... so that means its most likely a manual tail shaft in an automatic body ? Cant see any major wear other than to say the yoke taper at the gearbox end is very shiny ( compared to what you would expect ) as if it spent some time riding around the rubber taper on the gearbox seal.
At the diff end there is no hard damage to casing or leaking oil but the face of this seal doesnt look crash hot either.

There certainly wasnt even 10mm of end float when i took it out as i had a bugger of a job slipping the uni , s apart to clear each other.

Been going to post my car up as a project but havent had the time plus iphone pics obviously too big .. i,ll try get around to dragging the laptop out so i better explain where its upto and the dramas getting there.

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Re: Trimatic

by Rob » Thu May 21, 2015 11:30 am

Okay getting closer to doing some work on this box ... thinking about totaly dismatling and rebuilding it as required best case is it will look a hundred bucks and go just as well ... worst case it will cost me a grand or so to have it redone, I have a manual , tools and reasonable skills coupled with the aussie " give anything a go attitude" so why not.
Two questions what is the best way to refurb the housing finish ... soda blast , sand blast , wash outside with mild acid mix etc ?
Next is i dont have special tool for positioning the bellhousing ... i gather this is to ensure the box input shaft is central to the oil pump seal housed in the middle of the sump.

Do i really need it , are the bell housing to box bolt locations that sloppy ? can i use a front cut off a torque converter ?

Anyone been here done it ??

cheers , Rob
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