EH EJ Ute deck ( also Panel van) strips

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EH EJ Ute deck ( also Panel van) strips

by ChrisEH/EJ » Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:38 am

It been a year since i last enquired so maybe someone has spotted some. I have an EH Ute fully restored. Even the deck is all done.. but can't find deck strips ( I'm real keen to stay totally authentic).

Ive got a couple of HR strips .. If i could get more of those it would do too as i can cut them short and the holes will all match the ones i have.. The cut end would be cab end.. unnoticed.

attached the profile here ( its off a wagon)

A kind and helpful fella was looking at making them.. he was worried how authentic he could get them tho.
eh ej ute strip.PNG
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Re: EH EJ Ute deck ( also Panel van) strips

by Ray » Mon May 01, 2017 7:13 pm

hey chris.

i had a go at making a set of these a few years ago... wow... like over 4 years now. time goes quick...
here is the link from the original ones i had a go at...

unfortunately i never actually made / finished a set as it was taking far to long to form the ends and get a correct shape/profile.

i think by the time i costed in stainless, manually forming each counter sunk hole, and forming each end. it was looking like $150-$200 per strip. labor being the killer.

i have since thought of a better way to give them a go, but never have tried it the new way.
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